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Professional Development Academy We offer a wide range of Government-Approved safety diploma courses in India with highly trained professionals.

Why should I do a Safety Diploma course.

Industry competent security engineers are expecting academies that are certified by the national government and apparently international bodies and these safety diploma certificates will give you the identity to enter the safety field..

Certification offers the learner a mix of industry-specific Food Safety standards and HACCP program implementation. The certification was built with an impartial and descriptive summary that offers a detailed description of a wide variety of food safety issues grouped into the following general categories: History and basic sciences that support food safety; Food borne diseases, including surveillance and investigation; Food – borne hazards, including microbiological and chemical agents; Substances added to food, both directly and indirectly; Food technologies, including the latest developments; Food Commodities, including their potential hazards and controls; Food safety management systems, including their elements and the roles of stakeholders. The Encyclopedia provides a platform for experts from the field of food safety and related fields, such as nutrition, food science and technology and environment to share and learn from state-of-the art expertise with the rest of the food safety community.

Post Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management in Visakhapatnam in OHSE, in Food Safety and Quality Management Courses Are Specially designed Program, under BSS, Promoted by Government of India.

Post Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management Programs are designed with International standards like OSHA, OHSAS, NFPA, ILO, Occupational Safety Health Environmental and Risk Management Course

Who Can Join for this Course

As mentioned earlier, Post Graduate Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Management In OHSE and Risk management courses are specialist program me Initiated by National government.

This Course shall be taken by any Professionals , seeking expertise in Health and safety sectors and Looking for Internationally Accredited Course Program.


Course Syllabus:


Unit 1:Conduct a Hazard Analysis
Unit 2:Identify the Critical Control Points
Unit 3:Establish a maximum or minimum limit for temperature
Unit 4:Establish Critical Limits
Unit 5:Establish Monitoring Procedures
Unit 6:Establish Corrective Actions
Unit 7:Establish Record Keeping Procedures
Unit 8:Establish Verification Procedures

Practical approach of international Health, Safety standard, Offshore, Rig, Oil and Gas Safety Engineering.

How Can I Study Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) Programs

Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) Programs shall be taken in different modes as per the convenience of candidates.

  • Regular Mode
  • Part time
  • Distance Mode
  • Fast track mode

Benefits of the Course

  • A remarkable feature of this course is that verifications of the certifications can be done through their website
  • This Certificate is eligible for MOEA attestation and HRD attestation.
  • This Certification is an added advantage to Getting the Job

When I can Join?

The Admissions are Open throughout the year and the students shall join in new batches every month.

The Classes shall be well formulated and the students shall request for examination after the completion of minimum study and class hours.

For More details about Syllabus, Book materials , Minimum class hours , You shall directly visit our Best health and safety training Institute In India now.

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