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This qualification is designed for those working or preparing to work in food businesses where a food safety management system based on Codex Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles is implemented. It provides essential knowledge on the development and application of HACCP-based food safety management systems.

Who needs this qualification

Everyone who works with food has a special responsibility for safeguarding the health of consumers and ensures that the food they serve or sell is perfectly safe to eat.

AOSH UK Food Safety qualifications are designed for anyone working in catering, hospitality or manufacturing settings where food is cooked, prepared, served or produced. Workplaces include fast-food outlets pubs, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, care and nursing homes, schools and the armed forces.

AOSH UK offers the following Food Safety qualifications: EU and UK regulations state that all food handlers must receive appropriate training in food safety practices relevant to their duties. However, having a good understanding of food safety practices is not only a legal requirement, it is also essential in protecting the health of both consumers and food handlers.

How long will it take

Delivery would typically be through a 2-days training course (16 hours).

Course Overview

Learners will build an understand how individuals can take personal responsibility for food safety, Understand the importance of keeping clean and hygienic, understand how working areas are kept clean and hygienic, Understand the importance of keeping products safe, Know the purpose of a HACCP system, Identify the features and terminology of HACCP. For a more detailed overview of the topics covered, please download the:

Assessment method

This qualification is assessed by Multi Choice Questions (MCQ) for theory and underpinning knowledge. To Awarded this qualification the Learner must achieve a percentage pass in the MCQ paper.

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