ISO Certification Lead Auditor Course



ISO 45001 is one of the most popular standards for the Occupational Health and Safety management system (OH&SM). Our ISO 45001 Course is specially designed to improve the company’s working conditions and develop a safe working environment. It provides safety to protect employees from diseases and other health-related problem. ISO 45001 also has 4 different levels, such as Lead Auditor, Internal Auditor, Foundation, and Lead Implementer. The knowledge of these four levels will help the delegates to gain more information about the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

Course Module

Our ISO 45001 internal auditor course includes:

  • ISO 45001 introduction
  • Requirements of ISO 45001:2018
  • Overview of occupational health and safety management
  • Common management terms and definitions
  • Occupational health and safety principles
  • Explanation of each clause
  • Auditing terms, definitions and types of audit
  • Roles and responsibilities of the internal auditor
  • Internal auditors behaviors
  • Auditing methodologies and techniques

Learning Objectives

  • Understand occupational, health and safety management definitions, concepts and guidelines.
  • Understand the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the auditor
  • Apply ISO 19011:2018 concepts, new terminology and guidelines
  • Understand the types of risks and opportunities associated with auditing
  • Recognize the principles, practices, and types of audits
  • Conduct all phases of an internal audit adopting a risk-based approach
  • Prepare and present effective reports
  • Understand Exemplar Global’s certification scheme

Who Should Attend?

Individuals interested in conducting, managing, or participating in first-party (internal) audits. Management system implementation team members and Occupational health and Safety Control Managers

Target audience

  1. People who are required to audit ISO 45001 management systems
  2. People who are required to conduct internal and external audits of OH&S management systems.
  3. Managers who receive OH&S audit reports.
  4. People wishing to gain a practical understanding of OH&S standard requirements.
  5. People who develop and implement OH&S management systems.

Course duration

It is a 2 days training program, carried out by experienced trainers who are IRCA certified auditors will train the delegates with practical examples to transform them into a competitive ISO 45001 internal auditor.

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