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IOSH Managing Safely Version 5.0


IOSH Managing Safely (UK). The Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a British organization for health and safety professionals. Because the IOSH Managing Safely Certificate Course focuses exclusively on training managers and supervisors of any organization, which will benefit the implementation of health and safety at work. Consequently, the curriculum helps them understand and adopt high standard occupational health and safety principles and practices in their particular work culture.


Memorable and thought-provoking facts and case studies from across the globe help drive the points home over the whole IOSH Managing Safely Course. Each module of IOSH Managing Safely is backed by crystal-clear examples and recognizable scenarios, and summaries reinforce the key learning points.

  1. Introducing Managing Safely
  2. Defining hazard and risk
  3. Accessing Risks
  4. Identifying common hazards
  5. Controlling Risks
  6. Improving safety performance
  7. Understanding your Responsibilities
  8. Identifying Hazards
  9. Measuring Performance
  10. Investigating Incidents and Accidents
  11. Protecting our Environment

Every delegate who has attended all seven modules of IOSH Managing Safely should take the end-of-course assessments. These assessments test the course learning objectives and consist of:

An invigilated, closed-book, end-of-course multi-format question paper – completed on the last day of the course

A risk assessment project – usually completed in the workplace and returned to the training provider of
IOSH Managing Safely within two weeks of the last day of the course.


IOSH managing safely: – There are many benefits to Managing safely the course of IOSH. Learn what they need to know – and appropriately – in a refreshingly informal way. Obtain internationally recognized and respected certification.

To enhance the skills and knowledge required in health and safety. Safety management will not turn members into safety experts – but it will give them the knowledge and tools to capture health and safety issues for which they are responsible.

Increase performance and confidence levels in the workplace and importantly, it brings home why health and safety are an essential part of their work and leap to the next level. Contribute to the safety of an individual and the long-term success of the organization

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