ESC Qualification Level 6

The ESC`s QULIFI Level 6


European Safety Council: -The International Diploma in Health and Safety Engineering is supported by the qualification of the European Safety Council. This qualification is an excellent starting point for those planning to pursue their concepts at the HSE and prepare directly for CSP huh.

The scope of the program is to provide a career path for learners who wish to develop their practice capabilities in the field of health and safety. The expected outcome of the diploma, which is the achievement of a recognized UK qualification, is for learners to develop the skills required by organizations and industry globally.

ESC IDHSE is a qualification designed to help those with Health and Safety responsibilities (e.g. Managers, Engineer, Supervisors and HSE Representatives) to discharge more effectively their organizational duties and functions.

Course Candidate Acceptance

To qualify for the course, candidate should meet any of the minimum qualifications listed below:

  • Bachelors in Engineering Graduate
  • Level 3 HSE Qualification
  • Science Graduate with 3 Yrs. minimum experience
  • Any Diploma in safety
  • Safety Diploma holder can enroll in the course


You will be fully support by the ESC (European Safety Council) assessment team the support is uncapped. There is no pass or fail your units will be up to the required standard or require additional work by the candidate.


  • Unit A: Question paper, 5 hours written exam
  • Unit B: Question paper, 5 hours written exam


Question Paper is for 150 Marks. There are two sections:

  • Section A will have 6 questions carrying 10 marks each. All questions are compulsory.
  • Section B will have 5 questions carrying 20 marks each. Answer any 3 questions.
  • Section C is Case Study – Health and Safety audit of the Workplace – 30 marks.

The course Duration

The course validity is for 6 to 12 months.

Benefits – Apply for TSP and start CSP preparation

ESC’s IDHSE, Qualifi UK is recognized as a Qualified Equivalent Program (QEP) by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP, USA), meeting the qualified credential requirement for the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification.

Those who successfully complete the ESC’s Intl Diploma in Health and Safety Engineering endorsed by QULIFI, UK are eligible to apply for the Transitional Safety Practitioner (TSP) designation with BCSP. With the TSP, graduates who meet all other requirements do not need to sit for the ASP certification exam and they can directly prepare for CSP exam — a time and money saver!

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